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Welcome to the Chinese American Association of Central Illinois (CAACI) website.

The Chinese American Association of Central Illinois (CAACI) is a not-for-profit, for Chinese and Chinese Americans in Central Illinois. Its goal is to engage in cultural, educational, and social activities, to help members play a more active role in the community and to promote the wellbeing of Chinese and Chinese Americans within the area. It also seeks to cultivate the Chinese people’s understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture, and to encourage communication and friendship between Chinese and other groups.

Why join the Chinese American Association of Central Illinois (CAACI)?

Networking Opportunities

The Chinese American Association of Central Illinois provides local Chinese in the Champaign-Urbana area with the opportunity to network, build relationships and share experiences. Our members include residents and Chinese students, who come from all different industries, backgrounds, and different experiences. This makes it as the large Chinese community to make valuable connections and enable students’ success.

Professional Development and Exposure

The Chinese American Association of Central Illinois offers our members professional development and exposure to community leaders and let the Chinese voice heard by the society. Through our educational programming and events, our members can gain insight into the latest trends, develop their professional or business skills, access family useful information and services.

Supporting Local Chinese Businesses

Members enjoy free or discounted tickets for CAACI events or other community events. We also offer group discounts for shows. Our partner businesses in the mid-west from Champaign/Urbana, Chicago, Milwaukee offer shopping discounts.

Elevate the Business and Further Development

Local Chinese businesses will participate the business directory, have a dedicated article about your business to increase publicity, access Chinese Chamber business management trainings and have opportunities to receive government funding and support. This will help increase revenue and elevate your business in the community.

Our Vibrant community

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Embrace the warmth of our old immigrants who are eager to lend a helping hand, ensuring your smooth settlement. In return, inspire our community by offering your invaluable expertise through the services you excel at. Together, we will create an extraordinary tapestry of growth, unity, and shared success.

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