Chinese American Association of Central Illinois(CAACI)



CAACI Mission(华人协会宗旨)

The Chinese American Association of Central Illinois (CAACI) is a not-for-profit, non-partisan organization for Chinese, Chinese Americans and their friends in Central Illinois. Its goal is to engage in cultural, educational and social activities, to help members play a more active role in the community and to promote the well being of Chinese and Chinese Americans within the area. It also seeks to cultivate the Chinese people’s understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture, and to encourage communication and friendship between Chinese people and other groups.  The CAACI’s annual events include: a Chinese New Year’s party, a Dragon Boat Festival, a summer picnic, a Mid-Autumn Festival, and an end of year dinner.  Occasionally, the CAACI also hosts some travel activities. 

伊利诺伊州中部华美协会 (CAACI) 是一个非营利、无党派的组织,面向在伊利诺伊州中部的华人、华裔美国人及其朋友。 其目标是参与文化、教育和社会活动,帮助会员在社区中发挥更积极的作用,促进该地区华人和华裔美国人的福祉。 它还旨在培养中国人对中国文化的理解和欣赏,鼓励中国人与其他群体之间的交流和友谊。 CAACI的年度活动包括:春节联欢会、端午节、夏季野餐、中秋节和年终晚宴。 CAACI 偶尔也会举办一些旅游活动。 

This Website

This Web site is intended to be used as the communication medium between CAACI and its members. Its functions include:

  • Membership information input/update
  • Membership application
  • Events announcement and registration
  • Annual membership dues and event fees payment
  • A forum of topics related to the CAACI and Chinese culture

Important Message:
This Web Site is designed to allow public viewing of most Web Site pages and submiting information via various forms in the pages. 


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  • 入会申请
  • 活动的宣布与注冊
  • 年会费与活动费用的交纳
  • 各样有关CAACI和华人题目的讨论
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